Hair, Heroes, and Heroics! That’s what you get when you mix a super genius, a hair care routine and a team of two: FroMo and her sidekick Coil. Jump into a wacky adventure with FroMo and friends as she battles her classroom rival and arch nemesis Whiplash and her Goons. Finding clues at The Old Abandon Hair Factory, the heroes find themselves in a sticky situation as Whiplash’s plot is the slimiest one yet. But no worries, the team is on it as they fight for their school's freedom from this villain's slippery grasp.

FroMo is a spunky, kick-butt hero with a jumbo hair puff and an even bigger punch! Her classmates know her as Monique, but she is so much more - a small super genius, with even bigger ideas.

Jump into her fluffy and wacky adventures as she fights crime, villains and hair shrinkage! This children's novel was written to promote natural hair and self-love for black and brown children worldwide.

Be A Hair Hero

Meet The Gang




Secret Identity: Monique Moor Williams

Strength: Inventor

Weakness: Missing Curfew


Secret Identity: Dylan Barb

Strength: Haircuts

Weakness: Showing up to the party uninvited



Secret Identity: Aubry Anderson

Strength: Can talk to animals (maybe)

Weakness: Will karate chop when startled


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