Ambassador Application

Which Book Would You Like to Represent?

If you are selected to become a Brand Ambassadors will receive two copies of the book you represent (The Fluffy Adventures of Fromo Or Wash Day). You understand that you are expected to promote the book you have chosen with three public social media posts (one each week) At least 1 post must be a review of the book. The social media posts can be videos or pictures but, at least one must include the giveaway of the second book you receive. You are also required to have a written review posted on the corresponding Amazon Page. You will also receive a coupon code for the website and a Barnes and Noble Gift Card. The Gift Card will be sent virtually once the three posts have been made.

You understand that you are more than welcome to keep posting or to request an extended partnership. But, the partnership will end after the Gift Card has been received. You also understand that any pictures, videos, and reviews made during your book ambassadorship will be used on our corresponding social media, website and for promotional use during and after the book ambassadorship.

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